PHIDIAS Final Impact Webinar - The path towards new services to increase HPC and Data capacities

12 Jul 2022

After a 36-month journey, this final Webinar aims at presenting the tangible outputs achieved by the Phidias HPC initiative in support of the European HPC and Research community, including main features, concrete impact and prospective advantages for Research & HPC ecosphere.

ESOF 2022

13 Jul 2022 to 16 Jul 2022

ESOF is the largest interdisciplinary scientific conference in Europe, founded by EuroScience in 2004 and held once every two years since. ESOF2022 takes place in Leiden, The Netherlands, the European City of Science.

Aquaculture Europe 2022

27 Sep 2022 to 30 Sep 2022

The Aquaculture Europe 2022 is an annual event that aims to facilitate discussions around challenges and solutions to develop a sustainable, responsible, productive and climate-neutral European aquaculture sector. This year the event takes place in Rimini, Italy, from 27 to 30 September. Read more and submit your application by 1 May 2022!