The All-Atlantic Data Enterprise 2030 (AA-DATA2030) Joint Pilot Action aims at creating a one-stop, user-friendly transatlantic platform for gathering natural, social, and social-scientific data: the All-Atlantic Ocean Data Space (AAODS). 

The AAODS will effectively and efficiently provide peer-reviewed Atlantic Ocean data in compliance with the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) principles for research data management, as well as the CARE (Collective Benefit, Authority to Control, Responsibility, and Ethics) principles for indigenous data governance.

Decades of climate variability and ecosystem research, polar research, and ocean observation have resulted in a great wealth of multidisciplinary scientific data, which needs to be aggregated and stored in a coordinated, accessible, and inclusive manner across continents and scientific domains. This will be achieved at the Atlantic Ocean level through the establishment of the All-Atlantic Ocean Data Space.

In the long run, the Joint Pilot Action AA-Data2030 will generate a set of recommendations and products to improve the handling and the accessibility of marine data by strengthening existing networks between all areas of the Atlantic basin. In the context of the implementation of the Galway and Belém Statements, AA-Data2030 promotes a comprehensive assessment of the status of ocean-related data in the Atlantic and provides ambitious strategic directions and structures for a better data to knowledge transfer.

Blue-Cloud and the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance

Our project has interacted with the Alliance since its first steps, playing a key role in the interaction between the federation of European marine data infrastructures and resources in the context of EOSC and a transcontinental dialogue across between ocean science communities across the Atlantic, under the Galway and Belém Statements. A series of joint activities and collaborations have been carried out over the past couple of years in this framework, such as the joint workshop co-located with the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Forum 2020, where experts from all sides of the Atlantic Ocean basin contributed to discussions towards the development of a concept for a global Blue-Cloud as part of the international effort to bring the wealth of ocean data available to the benefit of society.

In particular, Blue-Cloud recently co-organised another highly successful workshop as a side event of the All-Atlantic 2021, in collaboration with the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance, the G7 Future of the Seas and Oceans Initiative, and the H2020 projects AtlantECO and iAtlantic. On that occasion, representatives of leading marine and scientific institutions engaged in a specific dialogue about the development of an All-Atlantic Data Space for the Ocean, taking part in the process that brought to the creation of the AAODS.

As emerged during the discussions, it is crucial to avoid duplication and instead focus on interoperability and harmonisation of existing experiences, fostering a "measure once, use many times" approach. These elements are also at the core of the Blue-Cloud mission, aiming to enhance the availability and impact of Open Science in the marine domain, for the benefit of researchers as well as decisionmakers and blue economy actors.

Related to these interlinked long-term goals, the Blue-Cloud consortium is also carrying out a public consultation about its Strategic Roadmap to 2030 through the summer of 2021, where stakeholders from the wider ocean community can have their say and steer the future development of the Blue-Cloud framework, starting from its core services such as the Data Discovery and Access Service and the Virtual Research Environment. The All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance is supporting this effort through its expanding network, while Blue-Cloud will certainly play a part in the upcoming evolution of the AA-DATA2030.

Learn more about the AA-DATA2030 Joint Action Plan on the official website of the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance.