The latest edition of the ENVRI week, organised in the framework of ENVRI-FAIR, took place in Dresden, 3-7 February 2020. The event gathered together over 110 participants representing different Environmental Research Infrastructures, as well as attendees from external organisations and projects collaborating with our community.

Blue-Cloud was presented at the event by Peter Thijsse (MARIS) in a poster session focussed on related initiatives, as ENVRI-FAIR has a very close relation to our project when it comes to actions in the Marine subdomain.

Contributions to the EOSC

The overarching goal of ENVRIFAIR is that, at the end of the project, all participating Research Infrastructures will have developed a set of FAIR data services. Such developments will enhance the efficiency and productivity of researchers, support innovation and connect the ENVRI RI’s dataflow to the European Open Science Cloud.

This work will also increase the findability, accessibility, interoperability and reuseability of the marine research data through the main data infrastructures such as EMODNet, SeaDataNet, CMEMS, EurOBIS. Since Blue-Cloud can be seen as a thematic pilot for EOSC, where the main marine data infrastructures are encouraged to publish their data, the FAIRness improvements of data in the RI’s will directly benefit Blue-Cloud.

ENVRI-FAIR will continue for three more years, and it has recently contributed to a collection of position papers on the EOSC with the other ESFRI cluster projects. Blue-Cloud will keep an eye on this project for further outcomes and developments.

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