As we approach the highly anticipated workshop on the 5th of February in Brussels, co-located with the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Forum, news about Blue-Cloud have started multiplying all around Europe.

The prestigious Institute of Information Science and Technology of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR-ISTI) dedicated the cover story of the December issue of its official newsletter to "Open Science for Blue Growth", and Blue-Cloud was featured in an article by Pasquale Pagano, Senior Researcher at the Networked Multimedia Information Systems Laboratory.

The cover story highlights the importance of collaboration between experts from different fields, applying knowledge from scientific domains such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to oceanography or climatology, in order to make it easier to manage and analyse large amounts of data. Moreover, making data available and reusable via shared platforms has already proven crucial for a wide range of research activities in marine science, as seen for example in fisheries management when FAO and ISTI decided to intensify their collaboration in late 2019.

Blue-Cloud is then introduced as one of the new projects involving CNR-ISTI, specifically implementing a practical approach addressing the potential of cloud-based open science. The description stresses the fact that "the activity seeks to capitalise on what already exists", in order to deploy a cyber platform providing access to: multidisciplinary data from observations and models; analytical tools; computing facilities for key blue science use cases.

The article concludes by mentioning Blue-Cloud's diverse "consortium which brings together leading European marine data management infrastructures, EOSC horizontal e-infrastructures, and key marine researchers".

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Please find the full December issue of ISTI News at this link