The BlueInvest call has been launched with the aim of bringing innovative products and services to support and shape new solutions for the Blue Economy. The total budget for the call is 20 million Euro, which is going to be mainly devolved to SMEs, which can get up to 70% to co-finanse their projects.

Within the Blue Economy Window Call Info DayCharlina Vitcheva, Director General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, and Luisa Prista, EASME Acting Director described the call as an opportunity to develop new climate friendly initiatives. During the online event, more than 450 participants from 33 countries joined.  

The event has been recorded and can be re-watched on the official EASME YouTube channel.


If all of this sounds interesting to you, don't miss the opportunity to apply: the deadline is 16 February 2021.


More information can be found on the official website.