Blue-Cloud is spreading the news about this call, looking for scientists with sensors currently in the field or access to satellite data or AIS data, launched by ECO Magazine.

Those who intend to participate are asked to send observations on how the ocean is responding to COVID-19 confinement. 
Here the details of the community call for reports of scientific observations showing unexpected changes in the marine environment due to the recent reduction in the anthropogenic disturbance.

One of the few silver linings to the coronavirus crisis has been increasing news reports of improved water conditions and air quality. As industries and marine-based activities are temporally suspended as part of global efforts to fight the spread of COVID-19, rivers, coasts and marine life are reacting to the lack of disturbance. But how?

ECO Magazine is looking for scientific observations from the global ocean community on how this pause is impacting our coasts/ocean and marine life. The information you provide may contribute to a feature article for the magazine.

What information are they after?

ECO Magazine is looking for fact-based, scientific observations taken in the last six weeks demonstrating how the marine environment changes when there is a temporary reduction in disturbance and/or improved conditions.

The interest is focused on the following details:

  • Where were observations taken?
  • When were the observations recorded?
  • Please provide an estimate of the extent of change relative to baseline (identifying when was this baseline derived).

Deadline is 19th April

To get all the information, please visit this page