Blue-Cloud partners CNR (the National Research Council of Italy) and CINECA (the consortium featuring the largest supercomputing centre in Italy) have recently initiated a new collaboration aimed at extending the D4Science infrastructure with a computational site hosted at CINECA.

Pasquale Pagano, the Blue-Cloud representative at CNR, strongly supports this decision that will generate a relevant positive impact on the sustainability of the Blue-Cloud Virtual Research Environment. 

“This first pilot allows us to demonstrate the ability of the Blue-Cloud infrastructure operated by D4Science to employ a variety of resources provided by different institutions with their own policies and organisational models

The CINECA site will be added to those provided by CNR and GARR (the Italian national computer network for universities and research). This enhanced collaboration perfectly fits into the Blue-Cloud spirit of federating and integrating resources, in order to make them easily accessible to researchers and organisations. 

Similar to what is happening with the ten data infrastructures to be integrated into Blue-Cloud, this collaboration marks an important step on the road towards the federation of computational and storage resources for marine research.

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