The NEANIAS (Novel EOSC Services for Emerging Atmosphere, Underwater & Space Challenges) project promotes Open Science in three thematic sectors (Underwater research, Atmospheric research and Space research) by engaging scientific and professional communities.

NEANIAS and Blue-Cloud have started cooperating in January 2021, due to the commonalities shared by the projects in the EOSC landscape. The projects are going to develop conjoint dissemination and technical activities focused on Underwater and Atmospheric research (NEANIAS) and Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Environmental Indicators demonstrators (Blue-Cloud). The projects will also find potential solutions for the Future of EOSC with the development of business models enhancing the sustainability of the ecosystem.

In order to support and reward researchers working in the Atmosphere and Underwater & Space Science EOSC environments, NEANIAS has launched an Open Call.

The main goal of the Open Call is to provide technical and financial support for innovative initiatives while offering high-quality infrastructures and human resources available to test and develop their infrastructures. In this way, the Open Call will heavily contribute to the development of innovation projects and foster interdisciplinary collaborations to advance research and innovation in Europe.

The Open Call interprets innovation as:

  • New operation models for existing services, that can exploit NEANIAS resources
  • Improving existing services utilising NEANIAS offerings to increase their overall offering
  • Brand new services inspired by NEANIAS offerings
  • New services that need offerings such as NEANIAS and EOSC ones

The total prize amount is equivalent to 24.000 € of non-refundable support, which is distributed as:

  • Platinum prize(s): min. 5.000 €
  • Gold prize(s): min. 4.000 €
  • Silver prize(s): min. 3.000 €

Does it sound interesting? Apply now!

Application deadline 9 April 2021 


More information available on the official website