Our half-day workshop entitled “Improving the Knowledge of our Oceans and Seas and bringing them closer to citizens”, conveniently co-located with the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Forum will place on the 5th of February 2020 at the Thon Hotel in Brussels City Centre.  It brings together key players and experts from the blue economy around the Atlantic. Attendance to the event is free of charge but subject to registration

Organised by Blue-Cloud, in collaboration with the AANChOR and AORAC-SA projects and the AtlantOS program, the workshop aims to investigate the benefits of establishing a global “Blue-Cloud” as an efficient and effective means of bringing the wealth of ocean data available to the benefit of society.

The world is our oyster. Let’s use science to preserve our unique pearl: our oceans

Research, innovation and data are critical to better monitor, understand, protect, preserve and sustainably manage our oceans and seas. Currently, many initiatives and organisations worldwide are working to facilitate collection, access and management of data to provide scientists, agencies, the private sector and policy makers with ready-to-use tools and knowledge which can help to address grand societal challenges and guide policy decisions. 

During the workshop, a range of creative and innovative data applications will be presented to reveal the potential of oceans and seas both for the economy and new generations, along with examples of applications built on “blue data”. It is time to help industry, public authorities and researchers to easily access blue data to develop innovative products and services supporting policy makers.  

Oceans are a global matter

In order to understand how to better leverage blue data, the workshop will bring together policy makers, funding agencies, e-Infrastructures and Research Infrastructures, data providers, research & academic institution representatives, research communities, industry representatives, maritime business and innovation clusters. Together, they will provide the basis for the establishment of a global “Blue Cloud” able to effectively and efficiently bring data to the service of society.

What happens after the workshop?

The outcomes of the workshop will be presented during the first day of the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Forum and captured in a post-event report that will be used to kick-off discussions among relevant stakeholders with the aim of releasing a comprehensive Blue-Cloud Roadmap 2030 for policy makers by 2021.

The Blue Cloud Strategic Roadmap 2030 will provide guidelines for the future strategic development of the Blue Cloud to firmly embed this as leading component of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

The discussion are also expected to result in short-term, tangible collaborations among the different Atlantic data infrastructures to strengthen their links and boost interoperability.

Have you secured your seat? 

About Blue-Cloud

Blue-Cloud is a flagship EU initiative that addresses the urgent contemporary challenges related to the future of the seas and oceans. The project holds great potential to deliver societal solutions via the implementation of five innovative demonstrators, covering specific domains such as biodiversity and genomics, environment, fisheries and aquaculture.

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