The Horizon Results Booster (HRB) is a package of specialised services launched in 2020 by the European Commission to help projects funded in Framework Programmes maximise the impact of their results and amplify the added value of their activities.

The HRB supports projects which are looking to collaborate on joint efforts with other ones working on similar topics, establishing project groups that can exploit each other's networks and join forces for the creation of materials.

Blue economy and ocean knowledge

Building user-focused, interdisciplinary, responsive and sustained ocean information systems that deliver services and products on the ocean, ocean climate and marine ecosystems for a sustainable development, while protecting marine vulnerability against human impacts and supporting the Blue Economy.

In late 2020, Blue-Cloud joined a 10-project-strong group called "Nourishing Blue Economy, Sharing Ocean Knowledge" led by EuroSea, in the context of the HRB, focussing on supporting excellence in marine research, policies & partnerships, so as to strengthen its network and reach out to more stakeholders across Europe and beyond.

This collaboration brought several of the projects involved to take part in the 2nd EuroSea annual event in January 2021, as well as to the definition of shared goals and priorities. Thanks to the HRB, the project group also produced a joint video and a flyer to help promote the vision and key results to a broader audience.

Innovation, Technology, Training and Collaboration

Quality ocean information from observations, scientific knowledge and forecasting is crucial to support evidence-based decision making, providing a crucial framework for the sustainable development of the Blue Economy.

Ocean assessments and forecasts play a fundamental role in underpinning the scientific basis for national and international policies to regulate the use of the ocean and protect its environment, and to monitor the effect of climate change mitigation efforts. A sustainable Blue Economy is the key to obtaining value from the ocean and coastal regions, while respecting their long-term capacity to regenerate and maintain a healthy ecosystem.

The harmonisation and integration of existing and new ocean knowledge will increase the availability of credible scientific evidence to inform industry and help reduce the impact of human activities on the ocean.

  • Support excellence in marine research to better answer societal and policy needs;
  • Increase capacities for strategic partnerships, business uptake, economic and technological development;
  • Support coordination of ocean observing at global and regional levels;
  • Deliver ocean climate and ocean health monitoring tools;
  • Contribute to the policy development at national, European and international levels;
  • Work with industry and governmental stakeholders to use know-how to support a sustainable Blue Economy;
  • Educate ocean resource managers and researchers in application of an approach to ecosystem management.

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Horizon Results Booster